Selasa, 21 Desember 2010


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Trust Yourself
You are the soil where all things rest.
You are the earth whence all things spring forth.
You are here, you are solid, you are alive.
You are the point where all things
in the universe begin.

     It has always been asserted that the most erotic zone of every human being starts and ends in oneself.
     In Tantric philosophy, sex is the union between the earth and the universe—human beings act within this sexual union like a channel or bridge having an infinite and eternal erotic force.
     Due to ignorance, the true function of sex has always been a mystery, particularly its origin or the root cause that generates such an excitement in every human being.
     No one can deny that sexual energy is the most subtle and powerful energy in our existence. Vitality is directly related to sexuality, combining the three spheres of life: thought, feeling, and will.
     The result of the various modifications of these three factors generates the most sensual and profound sexual desire, both in relation to oneself and to others.
     If your attitude with respect to sex is not based on philosophical arguments or negative or positive prejudices, you will open up to the understanding of Tantra. Only in this way can eroticism be useful, because sexual energy is difficult to control, difficult to handle, difficult to know, and difficult to store. If we manage to be ever more conscious of our sexual impulses, we'll be able to live in paradise.
     Our intuition will guide us to do the right thing. Conscious knowledge of what causes sexual desire is part of the training and the willingness to channel our vital forces in a truly beneficial way.

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